<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/76/18/67/28/170526100151.jpg?t=1506086165"><br>The former Memorial Elementary School is available for sale. Three story building with finished space in the basement. The property runs from street to street between Linden Avenue and Beacon Street. Abundant classrooms, cafeteria, gymnasium, restrooms, offices, etc. First Floor: Gymnasium, locker rooms, 6 classrooms, storage and offices. Second floor: 6+ classrooms, music facilities, offices. Third Floor: 5 classrooms, library, restrooms, offices, etc. Basement: Mechanical rooms, boiler room, custodial storage, cafeteria, kitchen, classroom. See floorplans for specifics. The building is serviced by four staircases. Some parking, playground on site. Zoning permits educational and religious uses.<br>